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All figures in USD and are accurate as of December 31st 2018 

Infrastructure and Income 

  • $9,656,000 Long Only Physical Equities (cash no leverage) invested by Managing Partner Anton Kreil himself on a Discretionary and Active basis with 50/50 $USD exposure in U.S. and Rest of World (ROW) across 20-24 investments (typical). 

  • Sectors include Commercial REITS, Mortgage REITS, Healthcare & Hospital REITS, Utilities, Growth Telecoms, Growth Media, Oil Infrastructure, Transport, Food, Beverages and Consumer Staples.  

  • Minimum 2 Year Investment Time Horizon includes Mega Cap, Large Cap and Mid Cap Equities.  

  • 6.5% blended Portfolio Yield with 5%-10% Capital Growth per year  

  • Puts and Warrants used on a Discretionary Basis for hedging purposes.


Long / Short Equities & FOREX Portfolio Management 

  • $10,268,000 on Margin, Discretionary / Active Trading with a flexible Long Short Mandate dependent on global opportunities in Publicly Listed Equities, FOREX, with 1-3 Month Time Horizon. 

  • Traded through the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (a subsidiary of Jakubstadt Holdings Pte Ltd) by Managing Partner Anton Kreil himself, Trading Mentors and the company’s best performing students across 40 corporate trading accounts globally.   

  • Typical Margin Requirement 20% average across all accounts, annualized 25% volatility with typical $30,000,000 - $40,000,000 exposure at any one time.  

  • All major instruments utilized globally including Cash Margin (U.S.), CFD’s (ROW), Options (U.S. & Europe), Futures (globally), ETF’s Globally.     

  • Strategies taught at https:/// with 500 Retail Traders globally as part time Institute Traders trading their own funds ($30,000,000 on Margin w/ $100,000,000 exposure typical) and 25 full time Institute Traders actively trading up to $10,000,000 of Jakubstadt Holdings Capital on Margin ($30,000,000-$40,000,000 typical as above).   



  • $2,432,000 on Margin left in cash in order to take advantage of unique one-off opportunities across 2 corporate trading accounts in Global Public Assets.   

Cash at Bank 

  • Cash at Bank of $2,367,000.


Physical Residential Property 

  • 4 X Residential Properties in Phuket Thailand valued at $950,000 purchased for cash in 2011 and 2012.

  • 1 X Residential Property in Santa Catarina Brazil valued at $825,000 purchased for cash in 2010.


Regional Private Business  

  • Equity stakes in three regional businesses globally valued at a combined $2,225,000.  

  • Profits reinvested and / or Dividends paid semi-annually and annually up to the parent company Jakubstadt Holdings Pte Ltd Singapore.  

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