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If you have a viable working business with strong revenue, profit and taxation track record and would like to set-up a Singaporean Infrastructure in order to become more efficient, Jakubstadt can help you. We will establish a tax efficient Small Business or Medium Business Corporate and Banking Infrastructure in Singapore. Once this is set up, Jakubstadt can also help you create Corporate Investment Accounts allowing you to invest and trade in Publicly tradable assets globally out of Singapore.   


Singapore Business Infrastructure


  • 7% Government Sales Tax (only eligible over $1mln SGD in Sales or equivalent annually) 

  • 17% Corporation Tax on Business Profits 

  • 8% Income Tax to Directors

  • 0% Dividend Tax to Directors / Shareholders

  • 0% Capital Gains Tax on global investments 

  • 0% Inheritance Tax on change of beneficial ownership status of Company Stock to beneficiary on probate. 


Full company set-up with Multi Currency Bank Account set up within 8 weeks. No visit to Singapore required to set up infrastructure. One day visit required to Singapore for final banking paperwork / set-up.


Optional Investment Infrastructure available enabling Corporate Investment in Public Equities, FOREX, Commodities and Fixed Income globally.


Separation of Custodian Risk on Assets between Singapore and ROW ensures significantly lower exposure to global systemic Bank and Exchange risk.    


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